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Ancient literary sources (3)

Diodorus Siculus

Military actions of the Spartans in Mende

MENDI (Ancient city) KASSANDRA
At this time the city of Mende also revolted to the Lacedaemonians and made the quarrel over Scione the more bitter. Consequently Brasidas removed the children and women and all the most valuable property from Mende and Scione and safeguarded the cities with strong garrisons, whereupon the Athenians, being incensed at what had taken place, voted to put to the sword all the Scionaeans from the youth upward, when they should take the city, and sent a naval force of fifty triremes against them, the command of which was held by Nicias and Nicostratus.They sailed to Mende first and conquered it with the aid of certain men who betrayed it; then they threw a wall about Scione, settled down to a siege, and launched unceasing assaults upon it. (Diod. Siculus 12.72.7-9)

Perseus Encyclopedia


A town on the promontory of Pallene in Chalcidice, people of M. dedicate statue at Olympia.


Mende during the Peloponnesian War

Meanwhile Mende revolted, a town in Pallene and a colony of the Eretrians, and was received without scruple by Brasidas, in spite of its having evidently come over during the armistice, on account of certain infringements of the truce alleged by him against the Athenians.

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