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Monuments reported by ancient authors (7)

Ancient oracles

Sanctuary of Apollo (Oracle)

AVDIRA (Ancient city) XANTHI
(Pindar, ap. Tzetzes, Lycophr. 445.)

Oracle of Dionysus

The Satrae, as far as we know, have never yet been subject to any man; they alone of the Thracians have continued living in freedom to this day; they dwell on high mountains covered with forests of all kinds and snow, and they are excellent warriors. It is they who possess the place of divination sacred to Dionysus. This place is in their highest mountains; the Bessi, a clan of the Satrae, are the prophets of the shrine; there is a priestess who utters the oracle, as at Delphi; it is no more complicated here than there.

Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Dionysos

AVDIRA (Ancient city) XANTHI

Sanctuary of Zeus Agoraios

THASSOS (Ancient city) THASSOS

Ancient temples

Temple of Jason

AVDIRA (Ancient city) XANTHI
To this the expedition of Jason and the Jasonian monuments bear witness, some of which were built by the sovereigns of the country, just as the temple of Jason at Abdera was built by Parmenion. (Strabo 11,14,12)

Temple of Heracles

THASSOS (Ancient city) THASSOS
A temple of Heracles built by the Phoenicians, who made a settlement there when they voyaged in search of Europe; now they did so as much as five generations before the birth of Heracles the son of Amphitryon in Hellas.

Perseus Building Catalog

Samothrakeion at Delos

Temple dedicated to the Kabeiroi, the Great Gods of Samothrace.

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