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To the north of Alexandroupolis after a small town called Tichero, we meet on the left side the indescribably beautiful forest of Dadia in this forest the visitors can see and admire nearly all the predatory birds (36 from the 39 species that live in Europe). The visitor is allowed to walk through the forest and at certain places they can watch the birds from special for this reason-constructed observation posts. The peace-full hills of the forest are full with little rivers and ravines, the forests take turns with meadows, and pasturelands, rocks and slopes are appearing unexpected from the ground. The mountain topes are facing the wet-lands of the Evros delta and the homonymous river, which is delimited from its rich vegetation. A few km to the east at the Bosporus is another very important emigration route for the birds.

This extract is cited Sept 2003 from the Development Company of Alexandroupolis URL below.

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