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Temenus. A son of Aristomachus, one of the Heracleidae. He was the father of Ceisus, Cerynes, Phalces, Agraeus, and Hyrnetho (Paus. ii. 28; Apollod. ii. 8.2). He was one of the leaders of the Heracleidae into Peloponnesus, and, after the conquest of the peninsula, he received Argos as his share (Apollod. ii. 8.4; Plat. Min. p. 683, b. ; Strab. viii). His tomb was shown at Temenion near Lerna (Paus. ii.38.1). His descendants, the Temenidae, being expelled from Argos, are said to have founded the kingdom of Macedonia, whence the kings of Macedonia called themselves Temenidae (Herod. viii. 138; Thuc. ii. 99).

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