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ANTIKYRA (Ancient city) VIOTIA
Son of Minyas, gave his name to the city which later changed it to Apollonias or
As the story goes, the god Apollo gave Cyparissus a pet deer, which followed him everywhere. One day, Cyparissus was practicing throwing his javelin, while his deer slept in some underbrush. He missed his target and hit the deer, killing it. Cyparissus was so upset for his loss, he asked the gods to make it so he could mourn forever, and Apollo turned him into a Cypress tree.

Cyparissus, (Kuparissos), a youth of Cea, a son of Telephus, was beloved by Apollo and Zephyrus or Silvanus. When he had inadvertently killed his favourite stag, he was seized with immoderate grief, and metamorphosed into a cypress. (Ov. Met. x. 120, &c.; Serv. ad Aen. iii. 64, 680, Eclog. x. 26, Georg. i. 20.) Another Cyparissus is mentioned by Eustathius. (Ad Hom. Il. ii. 519.) killed his favorite stag, was seized with immoderate grief and metamorphosed into a cypress.


They say that in days of old the name of the city was Cyparissus, and that Homer in the list of Phocians1 was determined to call it by this name, although it was called Anticyra in Homer's day, because Anticyreus was a contemporary of Heracles. (Paus. 10.36.5)

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