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Phocus & Asterodia

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Phocus & Antiope

Phocus; son of Ornytion or of Poseidon, settles in Phocis, gives his name to part of Phocis, dwells at Tithorea, marries Antiope, buried with Antiope, his grave, his shrine, his name the Phocian watchword.



(2) Daughter of Phoroneus, king of Phocis, metamorphosed by Athene into a crow when pursued by Poseidon.



Perseus Encyclopedia


Perseus Encyclopedia


Son of Deion, husband of Procris, loved by Dawn, carried off by Dawn, father of Tithonus by her, in Syria, son of Deioneus, at Thoricus, his wonderful dog, hunts the (Teumessian) vixen, goes with Amphitryon against the Taphians, settles in the Taphian islands, detects his wife in an intrigue, kills her accidentally, tried in the Areopagus and banished, marries Clymene, father of Iphiclus, gives his name to Cephallenia, son of Hermes by Herse.


Deion & Diomede

Deion; son of Aeolus, reigns over Phocis, marries Diomede, father of Cephalus. Diomede; daughter of Xuthus.

Deion. A son of Aeolus and Enarete, was king in Phocis and husband of Diomede, by whom he became the father of Asteropeia, Aenetus, Actor, Phylacus, and Cephalus. (Apollod. i. 7.3, 9.4.) After the death of his brother, Salmoneus, he took his daughter Tyro into his house, and gave her in marriage to Cretheus. His name occurs also in the form Deioneus. (Eustath. ad Hom.)

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