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  The sunny area of Stavros is known from the ancient times. According to ancient writers and historians, it was a "mygdonic" residence, that it, a township known as "Vormiskos" according to Stephanos Vizantios of "Vromiskos" according to Thucydides, which was built near the river Richios. It is said that Euripides, the great Greek ancient poet, was killed here by the wild dogs of King Archelaos during a hunt.
  On the one hand, this "mygdonic" residence was important since it entered the great Athenian and Delian alliance.
  On the other hand, it was an access road used by the Lacedemonian troops of General Vrassidas and of Xerxes’ army. During the Byzantine period it was an important strategic junction since it was near "Egnatia road" and on the way to Agio Oros. Stavros, however, was settled by the refugees from Asia Minor. It was in 1922 when the Greek people who were living in the coast of Asia Minor and specifically refugees from Katirli of Vithinia and Agia Paraskevi came here in Stavros along with refugees from Proussa and Madytos. Those capable people managed to build a brand new community through difficulties and hardships. They suffered great pain but they loved this place just because it reminded them of their homeland. They were mainly woodcutters and fishermen who worked hard to create a new home.
This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the Municipality of Rentina tourist pamphlet.

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