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Ikarian wine

  Ikaria has ancient and close ties with wine. In the Homeric Odes both Drakanos and “the island of Ikarus” are mentioned as the birthplace of the wine-god Dionysos. The Pramnian Wine (mount Pramnos of Ikaria) was the famous wine of antiquity. It is mentioned in the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey” of Homer, in the “Iona” and “Republic” of Plato, in the “Knights” of Aristophanes, in the “Idyllics” of Theokritos, in Apollodoros and others.
  Ikarian wine is offered as a therapeutic drink or as a “mixture” of barley-flour, honey and goat cheese, all basic products of the Ikarian earth. Aristophanes mentions the spirit of Pramnian Wine, for which you need to be relaxed to enjoy.
  Even today in old Ikarian houses there are clay jars buried in the ground as a Homeric reminder.
This text (extract) is cited January 2004 from the Evdilos Municipal Cultural Organization tourist pamphlet.

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