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3-5 PIGADIA (Ski centre) NAOUSSA

SELI (Ski centre) NAOUSSA

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3-5 PIGADIA (Ski centre) NAOUSSA

3-5 Pigadia Ski Center - Vermio

Mountain: Vermio

Altitude: 1430 m up to 2005 m

3-5 Pigadia Ski Center is located on the western side of Vermio Mountain.


Height difference: Minimun: 160 m Maximum: 575 m.

10 downhill slopes, of 8,6 km total length, out of which:

  • 1 black:
    • Filippos: Its length is about 2000 m and is considered to be the leading black slope in Greece. Of course, only the first 1300 meters of the total 2000 m is difficult, the remaining 700 m is blue. That slope isn't covered by artificial snow.
  • 4 red
    • Aristotelis 1: Great red slope 1900 m in length, certificated by the International Ski Federation (FIS) for performing European and World Championships. In this one the Greek Ski Federation commits of the Panhellenic Downhill Championships in all categories for the last 10 years. Artificial snow cover that slope in its total lenght.
    • Aristotelis 2: Red slope 750 m in length, served by sliding lift and located just below of the mountain’s top. Artificial snow cover that slope.
    • Aristotelis 3: This is the last part of Aristotelis 1, as it uses the last 850 m. Although, is considered as separate one because it has its lift. Artificial snow cover that slope in its total lenght.
    • Louki: This red slope 800 m in length lies to the right side of Aristotelis 2. Owes its call to its shape, is a real gully, starting from the top of the mountain and ending in the middle of the Paradise slope. After a recent widening, this is an excellent slope, with slight traffic. Thus, the total length is 1800 m.
  • 2 blue
    • Paradise: The real paradise for moderate skiers. Blue slope, 2500 m in length, the largest in Greece, in a oaks’ forest. Pleasant for most of the skiers. Entirely covered with artificial snow.
    • Philippe Back: Blue slope, 650 m in length, at the end of the Filippos’. Caution is needed in the start point because it is red, but after "paves" in a blue one. Served by its lift and artificial snow is used also ath that slope.
  • 3 green
    • Paradise Plateau: It is the last 400 m of Paradise slope, but is considered as separate one, because it has its lift. Excellent slope for beginners, as called green (easy). Advantage of this one is the artificial snow.
    • Beginners’: Two slopes right next to the parking lot, 180 m. in length each. One baby lift ensures the safe transfer of the beginners at slopes. It is worth to note that these two have a system of artificial snow, so they have snow throughout the ski season despite their low altitude.
  • Cross-country ski slopes:
    3-5 Pigadia Ski Center is also famous for its cross-country ski slopes. These are certificated by the International Skiing Federation (FIS)- Several International Championships took place here in the past. The elevation difference between them is 95m.
    • One of 3 km length.
    • One of 5 km in length.
    • One of 10 km length.


  • 1 double seat aerial lift, 1500 m in length.
  • 4 one seat sliding lifts:
    • Aristotelis 1
    • Aristotelis 2 
    • Filippos 
    • Plateau
  • 1 baby-lift, 200 m in length.

Other facilities/services

  • 3-5 Pigadia Hotel, with 15 comfortable will operate soon within the ski center.
  •  Shelter of Hellenic Alpine Club of Naoussa, with a capacity of 30 beds, which is available only for teams.
  • Lift bar, is located close to double seat aerial lift.
  • Barbeque, operates beside the lift bar.
  • Chalet alt. 2005m, is located at the top of ski center and the acces is only by the double seat aerial lift.
  • Restaurant, will operate soon at the ground floor of the hotel.
  • 2 Ski schools.
  • Ski equipment rental stores.
  • Snowmobiles.
  • Football field, sized 100x64 m on turf.
  • Parking lot.
  • Parking lot for 85 trailers (with electricity).
  • Heliport.
  • Medical center - First-aid.

Operation period

3-5 Pigadia Ski Center facilities operate daily from December to March, 9 a.m to 4.00 p.m

Useful notes

  • Due to its excellent infrastructure, 3-5 Pigadia ski center, offers, except winter sports, a variety of activities (hiking, trekking, mountain biking, hang gliding, paragliding). It has also been established as preparedness center for many sports clubs, federations and national teams.
  • Artificial snow system: established on 2002, and allows continuous and uninterrupted snowing of slopes throughout the winter period, regardless of weather conditions. So for at least five months in winter there is the insurance that there will be permanent snow, which allows programming tourism and sports ski event.
  • Slopes’ formation & covering machines.

SELI (Ski centre) NAOUSSA

Seli National Ski Center - Vermio

Tel: +30 23310 49226, 26237, Fax: +30 23310 49021, 26237

Mountain: Vermio

Altitude: 1500 m to 1900 m

Seli National Ski Center is in the south-western side of Vermio.


Altitude difference: Minimum: 160 m Maximum: 370 m.

19 in total, downhill ski slopes, out of which:
  • 5 red:
    • Olympiad (Central), 1000 m in length
    • Hera (Arssoubasi), 800 m in length
    • Artemis (Arssoubasi), 800 m in length
    • Mousson (New), 1000 m in length
    • Athletic, 400 m in length
  • 8 blue:
    • Persephone (East), 1300 m in length
    • Erato (Louki), 1000 m in length
    • Egnatia (Ring), 3000 m in length
    • Evridiki (Linking), 600 m in length
    • Efklia (Arssoubasi), 900 m in length
    • Ifigenia (Arssoubasi), 900 m in length
    • Elektra (Arssoubasi), 900 m in length
    • Daphne (Arssoubasi), 1000 m in length
  • 4 green
    • Baby 1, 100 m in length
    • Baby 2, 100 m in length
    • Baby 3 (Arssoubasi), 100 m in length
    • Sleigh slope, 130 m in length
  • 2 Lang-Lauf slopes, with the approval by the International Federation of Skiing (FIS)
    • One touristic, 3 km in length
    • One for racing, 5 km in length
  • Special snowboard slope


  • 1 double seat aerial chair lift, Filippos, constructed in 2002, 1600 m in length with a capability of 1200 persons/hour - Starting point at 1520 m and peak point at 1620 m (Arssoubasi site).
  • 6 sliding lifts (plates):
    • Alexandros 1, constructed in 2007, 1150 m in length and with a capability of 900 persons/hour - Starting point at 1530 m and peak point at 1790 m.
    • Alexandros 2, constructed in 2007, 1150 m in length and with a capability of 900 persons/hour -Starting point at 1530 m and peak point at 1790 m.
    • Dias, constructed in 2000, 800 m in length and with a capability of 900 persons/hour - Starting point at 1650 m and peak point at 1890 m.
    • Hercules, constructed in 2000, 800 m in length and with a capability of 900 persons/hour - Starting point at 1650 m and peak point at 1890 m.
    • Ares, constructed in 2000, 840 m in length and with a capability of 900 persons/hour - Starting point at 1650 m and peak point at 1830 m.
    • Amyntas, constructed in 2002, 700 m in length and with a capability of 500/persons/hour - Starting point at 1650 m and peak point at 1780 m.
  • 4 baby-lifts:
    • Iason (Rope), 120 m in length and with a capability of 250 persons/hour - Starting point at 1500 m and peak point at 1510 m.
    • Orfeus, 150 m in length and with a capability of 300 persons/hour - Starting point at 1500 m and peak point at 1530 m..
    • Hermes, 100 m in length and with a capability of 300 persons/hour - Starting point at 1650 m and peak point at 1660 m.
    • Veris, 120 m in length - Starting point at 1500 m and peak point at 1530 m.

Other facilities/services

At the starting point of the Seli National Ski Center (1500 m.) there are:

  • 2 Shelters:
  • Private guesthouse (Platitsas Chalet), with a capacity of 10 beds and cafe-bar.
  • Restaurant-cafe-bar (DIOGENIS), property of Seli National Ski Center.
  • Chalet, at the peak of the Ski Center (altitude 1750 m), property of Seli National Ski Center in which a cafe-bar operates.
  • Organized ski schools (ski equipment market, etc.) - These schools are private and function daily.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Health center, fully medically and pharmaceutically equipped and staffed with specialized nurse and doctor, as well as a doctor in charge during weekends and Holidays for first aid to skiers. It is also equipped with an ambulance in collaboration with the National Instand Aid Centre (E.K.A.V.) for the fast transportation of the injured people.
  • Large parking lot
  • Trailers: The Seli National Ski Center accepts the visit and accommodation of trailers. Indeed, the relationship that has been developed between the Center and "Trailers’ Owners" is so warm and steady, that the owners have founded a naturalist association under the title "Zeus" ideal for coordinated improvement claims. The full operation, responsibility and management for the stay of trailers belongs to the Ski Center and there is always room for improvement to their benefit, in order to provide the most enjoyable stay to these particular visitors. The center can accommodate up to 40-50 parked trailers throughout the winter. For more information you can contact the familiar telephone numbers.

Accessibility /Road network

The access roads are always open during winter.

The Seli National Ski Center stands within easy range of communication with many regional centers of North Greece. The main access to the Ski Center is via the Egnatia motorway and country road Veria - Seli. Eternal access is via the provincial road Naoussa - Seli.

The Seli National Ski Center has a full fleet of snow-skids & snowploughs:

  • 4 snow-skids for the slopes daily formation and coating (3 Prinoth T4 250 PH & 1 Prinoth T3 170 PH).
  • 3 snowploughs for the fast cleaning of the road access Seli Ski Center- Seli village-Veria, as well as for the cleaning of parking of the ski center.
  • 2 snowmobiles for the fast transportation of the ski center employees to the slopes and lifts.

Operation period

Seli National Ski Center facilities operate from October to April, daily from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., with a possibility of time extension.

Useful Notes

The Seli National Ski Center began operations in 1934, which was the year that the first Panhellenic Games were organized and it is also the first organized ski center of the country.

The first lift of the country was placed here in 1955 (aerial chair of 750 m long) that reached an altitude of 1600 m, and in 1968 was extended by 500 m in length, reaching an altitude of 1730 m.

On 4.2.1972 a Royal Decree designated it as national stage under the name "National Seli Ski Center".

It is a Legal Entity of Public Law and it belongs to the General Secretariat of Sports.

World Endurance Criterion Way of Alpine & Non-Alpine Countries and Athletes of Cities took place here in the 1980s and it was characterized by consensus of the participants and representatives of the International Ski Federation as "Small Olympic Games" and the best organization in the history of the institution.

A 7-member committee, whose tenure is two years, manages the Seli National Ski Center. It is considered as the first cell of the athletic and touristic skiing.

Seli National Ski Center offers a wide variety of track fields for tourist and race skiing, playgrounds, long distance race paths. It can also hold international matches as it gives thousand of skiers the chance to exercise without limits. The E4 European long distance path passes through there and it has many hiking trails. The excellent snow conditions, the amazing sunshine and low humidity give pleasure to visitors.

Facilities/services in the surrounding area

In Seli or Kato Vermio village, 1.5 km away from Seli National Ski Center there is a variety of traditional lodgements, restaurants & coffee bars that can make your stay more pleasant, in a combination of tradition & Greek countryside.

Similar type facilities are also on the road to Naoussa.

Sites/Activities in the surrounding area

During a visit to the Seli National Ski Center, you can also visit surrounding area, where there are places of a special beauty & cultural attractions, such as:

  • a walk in the green forest of Seli located within the boundaries of the ski center,
  • a visit to the archaeological sites of the region such as the tomb of Phillip in Vergina and the Macedonian Tomb in Lefkadia,
  • a visit to neighbouring areas with traditional buildings such as Barbouta and Kiriotissa in Veria,
  • a visit to the many Byzantine churches of Veria,
  • a visit to the artificial lakes along the river Aliakmonas,
  • a visit to the monastery of the Virgin of Soumela.

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