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The museums of Alexandroupolis

    The Ecclesiastical Museum

    The Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy Metropolitan Cathedral of Alexandroupolis is located in the former ‘Leontarideios Greek Urban Boys School’ in the square of Saint Nicolas. It was built in 1909 with the contricution of Anthony Leontaridis, a wealthy businessman from Maronia of Rodope, who upon return from Russia, established himself in Alexandroupolis. The exhibits in the museum are of exceptional importance and value for the history and culture of Thracian Greeks. The exhitits include icons, vestments, sacred vessels, wooden pieces, coins, etc. The hand-written minutes defining the liberation of the city in 1920 are of great historical value. The ecclesiastical Museum of Alexandroupolis is one of a kind in the area of Thrace. It welcomes foreign, as well as, local visitors year round. Tours to groups are given in cooperation with Holy Metropolitan Cathedral.

    This extract is cited Sept 2003 from the Development Company of Alexandroupolis URL below, which contains images.

    Museum of Flora and Fauna of the Evros Delta

    The Museum of Flora and Fauna of Evros Delta is without a doubt one of the most important sights in Alexandroupolis. It was established in 1985 by the Municipality of Alexandroupolis with the use of the embalmed bird and animal collection of Mr. Chris Goudner, a citizen of Alexandroupolis and expert on the Evros Delta and its fauna. At the museum a visitor can admire the large assortment of birds and animals exhibited in a way which portrays the natural environment in which they live. This is done with the necessary changes to the area so that with the appropriate use of materials and the adequate decoration and lighting, the wetlands of the Evros Delta are represented as they actually are. Wetlands of mountainous areas are also represented with animals such as the wild boar, the fox, the wolf, the partridge, etc. The image of the museum is made complete with the photography exhibit including photographs taken in the Delta, which can also be found in the museum.

    This extract is cited Sept 2003 from the Development Company of Alexandroupolis URL below, which contains image.

    The Folklore Museum

    The ‘Association of the Friends of Antiquity and Cultural Inheritance of the Prefecture of Evros’ created the Folklore Museum in the heart of Alexadroupolis. The museum operates as an exhibition place.

    Ethnological Museum of Thrace

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