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L.T.S. Ltd.

Travel Agent, Tourist Motorcoach, Transfer Services
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My Greek Vacations

Hotel Management Company
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Commercial representation, Pharmaceutical
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Dice Advertising Ltd

Advertising company
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Luc' Arte

Hospitality Products & Services, Lighting
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Boutopoulos A. & Co

Hospitality Products & Services, Catering equipments & products
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Public relations
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Athletic Target Shooting Club of Panathinea

Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs, Target shooting club
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Interline S.A.

Hospitality Products & Services, Indoor furniture
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Hospitality Products & Services, Translation and interpretership systems
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Globe Protection Security

Hospitality Products & Services, Security systems
Show on map Oct 2007 Updtd:

Newgen Aviation Services

Air taxi, Airline services
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Bizart Galleries-Pagrati

Hospitality Products & Services, Decoration
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Exhibition Organizer
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Hospitality Products & Services, Tourist shop, Decoration
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Hospitality Products & Services, Construction companies
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Bliss Events

Event Organizer
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