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Alpina Catering

Catering Services, Hospitality Products & Services
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Athletic Target Shooting Club

Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs, Target shooting club
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Eurohome S.A.

Hospitality Products & Services, Linen & textiles
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Marinko Dr. D.Badourakis

Hospitality Products & Services, Swimming pools - Filters - Pumps, Energy - water saving systems
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Hospitality Products & Services, Cleaning and Sanitation
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Merehougias G. & S Co.

Hospitality Products & Services, Catering equipments & products
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Agelopoulos Group

Hospitality Products & Services, Cooling and Heating systems
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Salotti Design

Hospitality Products & Services, Indoor furniture
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Hospitality Products & Services, Linen & textiles
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Onar Vip Transfer

Tourist Motorcoach, Transfer Services
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