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Periodical Press, Other tourism enterprises SYNTAGMA , ATHENS , GREECE
Head office(Est. 1975)
6, Psylla & Filellinon Streets, Russian Church Yard 10557 SYNTAGMA , ATHENS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 210 3247511 , Fax: +30 210 3249996
Opening hours:
01Jan - 31Dec Mon-Fri, 0900-1730

International Publications Ltd - Overview

The International Publications Ltd., is well into its third decade of rapid expansion and creativity in the travel-tourism publications' sector. It all began in 1975 with the publication of the first issue of GTP that has since established itself as an invaluable source of information for tourism professionals. During the last quarter of the century we changed from typewriters over to computers, to DTP systems, to gigantic databases supported by mainframes, to a full in-house Intranet network system and the Internet. In the middle of all these and many other basic changes, GTP and its contents were constantly improved. We believe that these improvements place our publication as a forerunner in the market place, because the plethora of useful and completely up-to-date information of the guide meets the increasing daily needs of our readers.

International Publications Ltd - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Founder:
    • Mr Lefteris Theofanopoulos
  • Director General:
    • Mrs Maria Theofanopoulou, Fax: 210 3221717 | ΒΙΟ
  • Accounting, Email:  
    (Accounts Receivable / Collection Specialist):
    • Mr Christos Fotopoulos, Email:  
  • Creative Dept.
    • Mr Konstantinos Dougas, Email:   | ΒΙΟ
  • Data base
    • Mrs Aggeliki Tsitsa, Email:  
  • Editors Dept.
    News editor:
    Travel Writer:
    • Mrs Eleftheria Pantziou, Email:  
    Editor (Copywriter/ Content coordinator):
    • Mr Theo Lazaris, Email:  
  • Sales & Marketing, Email:  
    Marketing & Sales Manager:
    • Mr Charis Brousalian, Email:  
    • Mr Manolis Mathioudakis, Email:   | ΒΙΟ
    • Mrs Christina Vassou, Email:  

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