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Kotroni Community

Last Update: Oct 2003
Municipality's district consul KOTRONI , TRIKALA , GREECE

Kotroni Community - Overview

  In an altitude of 750m on the slopes of Kozjakas, 14km from Pyli, there is the village of Kotroni with roughly 520 residents population. The settlement Loggjes comes under it, in an altitude of 300m with a population of 140 residents. The main occupation of the residents is the livestock-farming. In the region there are the sources of Koziakas Krania, Kagelja and Mana, as well as the tops Ai Ljas with 1600m altitude, Leykes and Paliomantri with 1500m altitude, from where the whole Thessalian plain is visible. In the biotopes Omprava and Paliomantri, the fauna is rich in roe deers, wolves, woodcocks, partridges etc. Buildings of the previous century (1860, 1830) constitute special samples of the architecture of the region. The village celebrates at the feast of Agia Paraskevi (25-26-27/7) with a three-day revelry with local foods and in September 7 and 8 (The Birth of Virgin Mary) with revelry in the square of the village and local flavours.
  The settlement Loggjes celebrates on 20-21 May (Agios konstantinos and Helen) Impressive is the traditional ceremony, the "paschaliogiorta", the 2nd or 3rd day of Easter, in the church of Prophet Helias, at which phonetic group of old men and women of the village, sing traditional songs that are danced with special dances. In the region Krania and Bey a shelter is built, which the visitor can reach with the paths through firs.

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