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Misios' Mansion

Last Update: Dec 2005
Monuments of Modern Greece IOANNINA , EPIRUS , GREECE
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Misios' Mansion - Overview

  Built in a rectangular "U" shape and having the residence area on the upper floor distinctly separated from the storage-auxiliary area in the ground-floor, the tile-covered building has an interesting stonework, that is quite evident on the ground-floor but coated upstairs.
  Misios' Mansion belongs to one of the most important and old families of Epirus. In 1844, after a big fire, the existing mansion was built by the popular architect and craftsman, Nikolaos George Pantazis, widely known as Liolis. The mansion hosted many distinguished personalities in the past.
  In 1941, during the World War II, it was bombarded but it was sufficiently restored from the damages it suffered and for the period of 1947-1953 housed the Public Works Ministry‚Äôs rebuilding services. In 1988, it was bought by the Ministry of Culture and today is being restored by the 6th Ephorate of Contemporary and Modern Monuments.


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