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Church of St. George

Last Update: Oct 2005
Churches, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments OMORFOKLISSIA , KASTORIA , GREECE

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Church of St. George - Overview

  The church was the catholicon (main church) of a monastery and in its original plan, dated to the end of the 12th century, was cross-in-square of the contracted type with a narthex. Later on, two more structures were added: a wider narthex, which incorporated the previously freestanding bell-tower, and a portico with chapels on the north and south sides. Recent restoration work revealed fragments of the original layer of the wall paintings on the upper section of the bell-tower, which has been converted to a chapel. A second layer of good quality wall paintings, dated to the late 13th century, is preserved on the west wall of the new narthex. The arcosolium on the north wall of the narthex is probably connected with the founder's tomb. In a bay on the north wall of the church there is a unique relief icon of Saint George, dated to the end of the 13th century.
  The monument was first restored in the 1950's but a project for its complete restoration and rendering has been undertaken since 1989 and is planned to be completed by 1997.

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