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Monastery of Megales Pyles (Porta Panagia)

Last Update: Dec 2005
Churches, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments PYLI , TRIKALA , GREECE
(Est. 1283)
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Monastery of Megales Pyles (Porta Panagia) - Overview

  The Holy church of Porta Panagia, was the church of the Monastery of "Great Entrances" (Megalon Pylon). It lies on the bank of the river "Portaikos" in the north of "Pylis" Municipality in the community "Porta".
  In the Porta-Panagia both centre bay and cross arms are pulled together by one single transverse barrel vault, high up. The church was built by sebastokrator John - Angel Duke Komnenos in 1283. The exonarthex belongs to the type of domed octagon, the iconostasis is decorated with mosaic icons of Christ and Virgin placed in an inverse position (1283 - 1289). The remained frescoes both in the nave and the narthex date to 18th century.
  Restoration works have been done in the church. While works of fixing and restoration were taking place in the monastery, excavations on the floor of the church brought to surface the first floor and plenty architectural parts of the ancient temple in second use.
  Nowadays it is used both as a church and archaeological site to be visited.

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