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Vrodero Community

Last Update: Jan 2001
Municipality's district consul VRODERO , PRESPES , GREECE
Tel.: +30 23850 46132

Vrodero Community - Overview

The road to the west of Pili leads to the ruined village of Pyxos, just before dedicated to Agia Paraskevi is standing proudly on the hill opposite the village. Dated from 1899, it is a typical example of the 19th c. basilicas in the Prespa, region. Located at the very western side of Prespa, Vrodero is a village of long stock-farming tradition. The Information Centre has exhibitions on the Animal Husbandry in the whole area and the Forests. From Vrodero there is a path that leads south to Agathoto, which is a ruined village on the shore of Lake Mikri Prespa with another church dedicated to Agia Paraskevi. Nearby the path, there is a cave, which sheltered the 'hospital' during the civil war.

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