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Monastery of St. John of Kallergi

Last Update: Jan 2001
(Est. 1850)

Monastery of St. John of Kallergi - Overview

  About 5 km NW of Kasteli, a sign on the road indicates the way to the Monastery of Kallergi, a lovely place, shady and cool, full of flowers. The church of Aghios Ioannis was renovated in 1912, according to the inscription on the belfry, but bears obvious architectural elements belonging to earlier dates.
  The abbot Methodios Perakis bought the monastery in 1874 from the larger monastery of Vidiani in the Lassithi plateau. There are traces of monks having lived here at a much earlier date, and according to M. Karavelakis, the present building was erected ca. 1850 on the ruins of an older one.
  The monastery was abandoned after its 1912 renovation, and a fire completed its destruction in 1931, burning down over 800 trees. Nowadays, the ancient church is in reasonably good condition and the main building has been restored, with the vaulted SW part turned into a refectory. There is a newer church built just outside the precincts of the monastery.

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