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Monastery of Theotokos "Anaphonetria"

Last Update: Apr 2014
Monastery, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments ANAFONITRIA , ZAKYNTHOS , GREECE
(Est. 1550)

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Monastery of Theotokos "Anaphonetria" - Overview

The Anaphonetria Monastery with its typical tower is located in the Plemonario area, in the northwest side of Zakynthos Island.

It was, probably, established on 15th century by Leonard Tokkios the 3rd, Count of Cephallonia & Zakytnhos Palazzo and the wife of Lappas.

The miraculous icon of Panagia Anaphonetria, is originated by Byzantium, which "came" in the island in a miraculousness way after the Fall of Kontstantinoupoli (Istanbul) in 1453.

Today the monastery operates as church of the omonymous nearby village, the tower is used as bellfry, and is also pilgrimage place, due to the connection with the "Saint of Apology" Dionysio.

The text is cited fromHoly Diocese of Zakynthos website, where there are all the relevant information.

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