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Museum of the Monastery of Gonia

Last Update: Jan 2011
Tel.: +30 28240 22281

Museum of the Monastery of Gonia - Overview

  The Museum owns the following collections:
  •Collection of icons.
  •Collection of books and manuscripts.
  •Collection of liturgical vestments and
  •Collection of heirlooms.

  Among the the most important exhibits of the museum is the ensemble of Postbyzantine portable icons (15th-17th centuries), works of the Cretan School:
- "Christ High Priest", "Virgin Eleousa", "St Nicolas". 15th century. Works of the painter Andreas Ritzos.
- "Crucifixion", "St Nicolas". 17th century. Works of Constantine Palaiokapas.
- "History" of Josef Neilos, 1642.
- "Dormition of the Virgin and scenes of Her Life", 1728.

Museum of the Monastery of Gonia - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Information office, Tel.: 28210 56119, 28210 53033, Fax: 28210 56118
    28th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquitites, 24 Sourmeli, Chania

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Art & culture

Museum • Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Museum
Visiting Information • Free admission • Fixed hours
Periods of the exhibits • Post-Byzantine period, 1453-1821

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