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Ioustiniani Palace

Last Update: Nov 2013

Giustiniani Palazzo (15th century)

Museum, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments, Cultural heritage CHIOS , NORTH AEGEAN , GREECE
Castle of Chios, Temporary Exhibitions Building, 82100 CHIOS , NORTH AEGEAN , GREECE
Tel.: +30 22710 22819 , Fax: +30 22710 44739
Opening hours:
01Nov - 31May Tue-Sun, 0800-1500

Ioustiniani Palace - Overview

  Historical building (14th - 15th century) situated between the central gate of the castle of Chios and the main square of the walled part of the town. It was perhaps the head quarters of the Genoese Podesta. Disfigured by Turkish alterations and additions, it was restored during the years 1980-1986 by the Archeaological Service.
  The building, of a fortress - like appearance, has two floors of one room each, raised high above ground level. On its northern side there is a small loggia and a stone external staircase, leading to the walls and the SE tower of the castle.
  The museum collection includes Byzantine murals, Post-Byzantine icons, Byzantine and Genoese sculptures and small-scale works of art.
  Τhe most important exhibits are:
- Twelve Byzantine frescoes of Prophets (14th century), detached from the dome of the church of Panagia Krena, near Vavyloi, Chios.
- Marble Byzantine slab depicting in low relief a griffin and a chimaira (12th century). Found in the town of Chios.
- Marble slab from a pulpit, with the personification of DIALECTICA in high relief. Genoese work of early Renaissance period found at the town of Chios.
- Cut-around full-length icon of the Archangel Michael (18th century). From the village of Olympoi, Chios.
- Half-length icon of St. Antony (Cretan school, 16th century), from the village of Olympoi, Chios.
- Fragment of a carved small icon in steatite, depicting the Dormition of the Virgin. From the town of Chios.

Ioustiniani Palace - Map

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