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Last Update: Feb 2021
Advertising company, Event Organizer, Exhibition Organizer ANO PETRALONA , ATHENS , GREECE

186, Trion Ierarchon Avenue 11852 ANO PETRALONA , ATHENS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 211 8008959, 210 9408714-7 , Fax: +30 212 2134125
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Demand Fairs & Media - Overview

Demand Fairs & Media is a company with its own perspective on the object of its work, given that:
  • It does not consider it to be just an exhibition company -although it organizes exhibitions and events (hence the use of the word "Fairs" in its title).
  • It would not characterize itself as another publishing company -although for years it has been and is publishing various publications, while it is also active in the field of electronic publishing (hence the word "Media" in its title).

Demand is all the above (Fairs & Media), but with an expansive and very special meaning: Practically, it is a company, which, after a corresponding study, intervenes "vertically" in industries, in order to offer communication solutions and systematic channels of business dialogue between the supply companies of these sectors and their potential customers.

At the same time, it attaches great importance to informing and educating the (professional or not) public of the industries, in which it intervenes with its products: it is interested in capturing the current reality, looking for new trends and innovations and "showing the way" for the development and progress of the industry, through the development of the overall level of knowledge.

Each Demand product is created after the following actions:
  • Research about industry’s needs.
  • Searching for the available tools to meet the above needs and evaluation of the company's ability to develop these tools.
  • Selection of product category through which the intervention will be attempted (whether it will be an exhibition, festival, microevent, media, etc.).
  • Research on ways to meet the needs of the industry, related to the field of "knowledge" (workshops, lectures, labs, blogs, magazines, etc.).
  • Defining the goals and specifying the steps through which the goals will be achieved.
  • Development of the selected product.

Finally, the product philosophy of Demand Fairs & Media is summarized in two ways:

"Premium Products - Advanced Know-How"!

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Executives & Departments

  • Manager:
  • Accounting
    • Mrs Despina Avgoustidou

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