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Lighthouse Plaka

Last Update: Jun 2014
Traditional Greek lighthouses PLAKA , LEMNOS (LIMNOS) , GREECE
(Est. 1912)

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Lighthouse Plaka - Overview

At the northeastern edge of Limnos island, at the Plaka cape is located the homonymous lighthouse. It has a stone tower of 25 meters high and focal plane 50 meters. It was built in 1912 by the French Company of Ottoman Lighthouses and operated for first time by lighting petroleum and in 1981 was transformed to electric one. It’s a rotary lighthouse, with lighten range of 22 miles and frequency of 6 light beams every 1 minute.

Plaka lighthouse is one of the most important of Greek Lighthouses Network due to its significant location at the entrance of Dardanelia. It was added to the Greek Lighthouses Network in 1913, it belongs to Lighthouses Service and it is staffed and guarded by the Hellenic Navy.

The access is by road from the traditional village of Plaka and is 45km away from Myrina town.

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