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Lighthouse Katakolo

Last Update: Jun 2014
Traditional Greek lighthouses, Monuments of Modern Greece KATAKOLO , ILIA , GREECE
(Est. 1865)

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Lighthouse Katakolo - Overview

The lighthouse of Katakolo was constructed in 1865 and has a stone tower of 9 meters high and a focal plane of 45 meters. It’s French oriented and its range was 18-19 nautical miles.

At the top of the tower there is the reflector cabin, while the whole facility has one more separate building, which was the kitchen. The lighthouse reflector had small range. Its machinery and operation was similar to a pendulum clock.

By a recent decision of Ministry of Culture the lighthouse of Katakolo pronounced preserved and historical monument of the site. Interventions and constructions at the area are prohibited.

Lighthouse Katakolo - Map

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