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Styra Community

Last Update: May 2003
Municipality's district consul STYRA , EVIA , GREECE

Styra Community - Overview

  Modern Styra is a beautiful and well cared for market town, which also acts as the seat of the Municipality of Styra. It lies at a distance of around four kilometers from the sea and Nea Styra. Important historical monuments of the medieval and modern periods are the Castle of the Armenians and the two small churches found inside of it. The stone-covered church of St. Nicholas, built in the early 1800s, is located at the peak of the hill on which the castle lies, and the hill takes its modern name from the church. The Church of the Virgin Mary of the Castle was, as two inscriptions near the entrance testify, rebuilt in 1746 on the ruins of an earlier single-aisle covered basilica.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.

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