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Kefalinou Community

Last Update: Apr 2003
Municipality's district consul KEFALINOS , ITHOMI , GREECE

Kefalinou Community - Overview

  The village is situated at the foot of the Kapsalas Mountain. It dates back to the 11th - 12th century AD. Kefalinos, a Norman landowner, to whom it owes its name, built it.
  On the east, opposite the village, lies the Panayia (Virgin Mary) Mountain. The church "Deposition of the holly belt" dedicated to Virgin Mary is on its top.
  Water is abundant in the Kefalinos village and it springs from fountains under the shadow of plane trees, on the three sides of the village. The first fountain called Pano Vryssi (upper fountain) originates from the top of the Kapsalas Mountain and used to be decorated with two arches out of which only one has been saved. The second one, Pera Vryssi (far-away fountain), is estimated to be over 700 year-old and consists of two springs. The water of Krya Vryssi (fresh fountain) comes from a spring under the Holy Altar of the church of Agios (Saint) Athanasios.
  Kefalinos is the birthplace of Ilias Kormas, hero of the 1821 Greek War for the Independence, chieftain of Kontovounia and one of the prominent personalities of the area.
This text is cited April 2003 from the Municipality of Ithomi tourist pamphlet.

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