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Polygnotos Vayis Municipal Museum

Last Update: Oct 2002
(Est. 1981)
Tel.: +30 25930 61400

Polygnotos Vayis Municipal Museum - Overview

  The picturesque village of Potamia is 14 km from the main town of Limenas on Thasos. Since August 1981, it has had a museum dedicated to the life and work of Polygnotos Vayis, a famous artist who hailed from Potamia. The museum is housed in a two-storey stone building, formerly the primary school, in the centre of the village.
  Here visitors may admire a total of 98 sculptures by Vayis. Of these, 25 are very small in size and are therefore displayed all together in a single showcase. There are also fifteen of Vayis’s paintings from the period 1920-60. The works of his first period (1919-30) are mostly inspired by ancient Greek history and mythology and modern Greek history. His materials are plaster, bronze, and marble. The works of his second period (1932 onwards) tend to be semi-abstract in style, cast in bronze, stone, or concrete, or sculpted in stone, marble, wood, or granite. They are figures and heads, stylised moons, eagles, and fish.
  There are also a number of monumental works, such as the Bear with Newborn Cub, Cosmos, and a number of miniature sculptures.

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