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Ethnological & History Museum of Patra

Last Update: Mar 2002
Tel.: +30 2610 274962

Ethnological & History Museum of Patra - Overview

  Founded in 1973, when the efforts of its prime movers, Giannis Meletopoulos and Theodors Papanagiotou, finally succeeded. The first one had the idea for the creation of a space to roof the historic relics of Achaia and the second one undertook its materialisation. The material collected was initially placed at a room in the Municipal Library, to be transferred later to Speech and Art Mansion, where it is sheltered till today. The exhibits include among others:
• Weapons and other objects from the War of Independence (1821)
• Rifles and swords dating from 1770 and later. Among these, there are some weapons of Chieftain Panagiotis Karatzas
• Gravure depicting Palaion Patron Germanos, a work by I. Friedel
• A war standard of the 12th heroic Regiment of Foot
• A war diary and personal belongings of General K. Konstantinopoulos
• A painting bearing signatures of the fighters in the War of Independence, eminent Greek personalities and Philhellens
• A copy of an Achaean Declaration of Freedom, dating March 26th 1821
• A cast of Theodoros Kolokotronis face and sculpted faces of heroes of 1821

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