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Iliokastro Community

Last Update: Jun 2001
Municipality's district consul ILIOKASTRO , ERMIONI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 27540 91274

Iliokastro Community - Overview

  Heliokastro is situated northward of Ermioni, about 7km from the town, is laid out on the plateau of Ilei. The site of Ilei, which probably took its name from the “Ilei vineyards” that produced sweet wine, was located northward of Aderes. In the past, a small settlement was found in the area, while today, one can still detect the enclosure of the polygonal walls adjacent to the small steep hill which was probably used as an acropolis. According to Pausanias, temples for the worship of Demeter and her daughter were erected here. The road linking Ermioni and Troizinia used to pass from that settlement.
  Today, Heliokastro would be highly appreciated by wine lovers. The ascending-although not tiring- route affords visitors a panoramic view of the indented coasts, and leads to the small, traditional village and its tavernas offering local mezedes (snacks).
The text is cited March 2004 from the Municipality of Ermioni tourist pamphlet.

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