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Monastery of St. David the Geron at Limni

Last Update: Jan 2004
(Est. 1520)
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Monastery of St. David the Geron at Limni - Overview

  At about 12 km southerly of Rovies and 21 km from the provincial capital of Limni Community, there is the historical Convent of Holy David, the so called "Old Man", built on the foot of Kavalaris Mountain (called in another way, Dry Mountain) and an altimeter of 500 meters. The Convent was built in half of the 16th century by Holy David himself, on the pre-existent ruins of the ancient church of Christ's Transfiguration.
  During the years of 1821 Revolution against the Turks, the Convent supported actively the fight and assisted the Leader Captain Angelis Rovios, as this results from the historic records kept in the Convent. This is the reason that it was destroyed by Turks in 1823.
  In 1877 it was reconstructed and so has continued its living till today, in the form of a men's convent. Many chapels are built round the Convent, with the Saint's cavernous hermitage located to the western point, "Agiokeri" to the southern point, in sites of highest beauty.
  In the underground chapel of the Convent's cells, in memory of Saints Anargyroi, there are wonderful wall paintings of the 17th century.
  Recently the figure of the deceased superior of the Convent enviable father Jacob, was assimilated to the Convent, the world and the devoutness, and the worshipers don't omit to pay a visit to his grave. The Convent, which was restored today, welcomes a number of faithful throughout the year.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Elymnies tourist pamphlet.

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