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Monastery of the Prophet Elias

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Monastery of the Prophet Elias - Overview

  To the north of the village of Aghio Pnevma and facing the Holy Cross Monastery high up on a pine wooded hill, stands the Prophet Elijah Holy Monastery. The first temple was built in 1900 but over the time it was destroyed. Today's Katholikon is built according to the techniques used at Athos, while only two walls of the original are preserved.
  In 1990 a group of Nuns endeavored to found an organized Women’s Monastery restoring the ruins and building new edifices, that resulted in its present form. Today the Monastery houses 18 Nuns who deal with gold embroidered handicrafts, hagiography etc.). For the moment there is no possibility fro organized tourist groups to spend the night. The Chapel of Blessed Virgin Myrtidiotissa houses the miracle-working icon of Our Lady.
  Administratively, together with the Our Lady Visiani and Holy Cross Monasteries, the Monastery belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Serres. Its feast day is on 20 July to commemorate Prophet Elijah (important festivities) and on 24 September to commemorate Our Lady Myrtidiotissa.
This text (extract) is cited September 2003 from the Prefecture of Serres tourist pamphlet.

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