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Monastery Ypsossis Timiou Stavrou

Last Update: Mar 2002
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Monastery Ypsossis Timiou Stavrou - Overview

  At the village Aghio Pnevma, some fifteen km form the city of Serres at the foothill of Mount Menoikion, stands the Holy Cross Holy Monastery. The Monastery is built on the higher slope of a hill, with a panoramic view over the valley and the city of Serres, in a pine wooded area.
  Since 1964 proprietors of the Monastery, under the form of a Chapel, are the inhabitants of the village. The Monastery had no Nuns till the year 1985 but today (1997) it houses three Nuns who with personal efforts have succeeded in giving the Monastery its present form (Katholikon i.e. main church, Archontariki i.e. reception room, handicraft exhibition, guest houses, cells). The Monastery can accommodate up to 10-12 persons. The Hagiographies are all modern except four icons that date back 100 years. A holy choral service takes place every Sunday. The feast day of the Monastery is on 14 September to commemorate the Raising of the Holy Cross.
This text (extract) is cited September 2003 from the Prefecture of Serres tourist pamphlet.

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