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Monastery of the Virgin at Voulkano

Last Update: Jun 2003
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Monastery of the Virgin at Voulkano - Overview

The new Holy Monastery of Voulkano was founded in 1625 in the east part of Ithomi and was restored in 1967 by the Metropolitan Chrysostomos Themelis. In the centre of the yard there is the church in the shape of a domed cross dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary the Voulkaniotissa whose name came from the miracle icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary which according to tradition is dating back to the 14th century and is the work of the Evangelist Loukas. The Holy Monastery is for men only and is celebrated on the 15th August. On the day before the celebration there is vespers and a vigil. On the 20th September the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary is carried in a religious procession of 20 km, from the church of the Monastery of Voulcano to the church of the Source of Life in Messini in the area of Panigyristra where it is displayed for 9 days for people to pay their respects.

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