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Monastery of Paraklitos

Last Update: Jun 2003
(Est. 1962)
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Monastery of Paraklitos - Overview

  The monastery is for monks only and it is situated in the district of Oropos, between Milesi and Skala of Oropos. It was founded in 1963 by the Athonite priest - monk Cherubim Karambelas, who came from the skete of St. Anna and in 1978 it was established officially by ecclesiastical and civil law as a «Holy Cenobitic Monastery of Paraklitou». Its ktitor, the archimandrite Cherubim became the first abbot of the monastery.
  The catholicon of the monastery, constructed according to the Byzantine models, celebrates in the Feast of the Holy Spirit (the Monday after the Feast of the Pentecost).
  Today it numbers some 20 monks, well educated, who concentrate mainly upon the publishing of patristic, ascetic and hagiological books. It is worth to mention the series «contemporary Athonite figures» by the arch. Cherubim and «Charismata and Charismata - Holders», the publishing of St. John the Sinait’s «Climax», as well as several books translated from Russian, such as St. Ambrosios of Optina, St. Seraphim of Sarof, etc. In order to be able to publish, the monastery has a remarkable library.
  The monastic life is based on an Athonite typicon, while the monastery is in close contact with Mt. Athos and the Church of Russia, which is offered publishing facilities, as the abbot of the monastery Arch. Timotheos Sakkas is a fluent Russian speaker.
  The monastery celebrates in the Feast of the Holy Spirit, in the day following the Feast of the Pentecost. Its catholicon, a beautiful Byzantine church, is dedicated to the Holy Spirit.
  Outside the monastery precincts there is a guests - room and a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Portaitissa, for the entrance in the monastery is not allowed to women (in accordance with the Athonite typicon).
  It also provides accommodation to pilgrims.

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