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Mycenaean settlement at Chalandritsa

Last Update: Dec 2005
Archaeological site CHALANDRITSA , PATRA , GREECE

Mycenaean settlement at Chalandritsa - Overview

  Mycenaean settlement at Aghios Georgios, near Chalandritsa, in Achaia. The settlement came to light in 1985, during the digging for the construction of the Health Center which was finally erected in another location. The buildings of the settlement are arranged in concentric rings, with streets radiating from its centre. The investigation of the area is not completed. A megaron probably existed at the top of the hill.
   The main characteristic of the settlement is that in every room the foundations of the walls that supported the upper floor are preserved. Small cist-graves containing child burials were found under the floors of some rooms.
   The pottery found dates from the Late Helladic III B and III C periods (13th-11th centuries B.C.).

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