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Burial Tumuli of Steno at Nydri

Last Update: Sep 2009
Archaeological site, Cultural heritage STENO , LEFKADA , GREECE
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Burial Tumuli of Steno at Nydri - Overview

   The tumuli are dated exclusively to the Early and the beginning of the Middle Bronze Age. They were discovered and excavated in the years 1908-1913 by the German achitect and archaeologist W. Doerpfeld, who was actually in search of Homeric Ithaca. He named the tumuli "Royal Tombs R".
   The tumuli had been gradually covered with earth after their excavation and were cleared in 1976.
   The monuments to be seen at the site are the 33 tumuli of the Early or Middle Bronze Age (3.000-1.900 B.C. or 1.900-1.600 B.C.). They all have an external circular wall (diameter: 4.5-6.5 m.) made of rows of stone slabs. Inside the circle were placed the graves, covered with small earth mounds. The graves belong to four types: cist-graves, graves with built walls, simple pits and pithos-burials.

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