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Fortress of Rion

Last Update: Dec 2010
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  In 1499 the first fortification of the pass was made by Bayazid II, smaller in area and with a double circuit and moat. In 1532 it was taken by the Spaniards and Andrea Doria, and retaken by the Turks. In 1603 the Knights of Malta wrought significant destruction. In 1687 it was taken by Morosini. Drastic repairs were made and it received the form it has today: new towers - bastions, strengthened ramparts. The fortress was siezed by the Turks in 1715, and in 1828, after a siege, the Turks surrendered it to General Maison.
   It was repaired and handed over to the Greeks. The Fortress was used as a prison for a considerable time. During World War II the Germans established themselves there.

The text is cited from The Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Tourism WebPage

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