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Mount Papikion

Last Update: Sep 2009
Archaeological site, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments, Cultural heritage PAPIKIO , KOMOTINI , GREECE
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Mount Papikion - Overview

  Mount Papikion lies on the west flanks of Rhodopi, NW of Komotini. The sites located in the area indicate the existence of a renowned centre of Byzantine monasticism. Excavations began in 1983 and have revealed six sites up to date. Mt Papikion was closely associated with Mosynoupolis, an important and rich Thracian city, the seat of Byzantine officials.

  In the frame of restoration work, the monuments have been consolidated wherever necessary. Sheds were constructed for the protection of the buildings and the marble lined floor of the catholicon (main church) at the monastery of Lenos was reconstructed.

  This monastic centre of the Byzantine era is mentioned in the ancient sources from as early as the 11th century. Trial and systematic surveys have been carried out since 1983. Excavations have brought to light three single-aisled churches of the 11/12th century, in the shape of a free-standing cross, an extensive monastic complex with the catholicon, the refectory, the cells and the circuit wall of the 11/13th century, a bath of the 11/12th century, and a monastic complex in the area of Lenos, including a catholicon, an enceinte and a water cistern, built in the 12/13th century.

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Castle • Late Byzantine period, AD 1204-1453
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