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Acropolis of Panopeus

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Acropolis of Panopeus - Overview

  Strong fortification walls enclose the steepsided hilltop, where is situated the akropolis of ancient Panopeus. It has 3 entrance-gates, on the N., W. and S. sides and several square interval towers. The walls are well-constructed with big rectangular stones using oblique joints for greater stability.
  Ancient Panopeus was inhabited from the 18th century B.C. During the Mycenaean period (14th-11th century B.C.) it had strong cyclopean walls, remains of which are now preserved on the S. slope of the akropolis-hill.In 346 B.C. it was destructed by the Macedonian troops of Philip II. Because of the Macedonian threat it was fortified before the final battle against Philip II in Chaironeia in 338 B.C. In 198 B.C. it was occupied by the Roman army and demolished again by Archelaos, the leader of Mithradatan troops, in 86 B.C.
  In 1907 Soteriades excavated in the immediate vicinity classical tombs. In 1959 R.Hope Simpson and J.Lazenby collected Mycenaean (14th-11th c. B.C.) sherds at the site and noted Mycenaean cist graves.

Acropolis of Panopeus - Map

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