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Vareltzidaina's Mansion

  The mansion of Vareltzidaina is situated in the centre of the village Petra and was built in the end of the 18th century. It constitutes a characteristic example of that period's mansions, in which typical features of local architecture are combined with influences from the East as well as from North Greece.
  It is a two-storeyed building, with a solid ground floor built with stones, which adds a fort-like character to the habitation. The storey is constructed with "bagdati" and is divided in six rooms parametric to the chamber, which are decorated with remarkable and typical of the era frescoes.

This extract is cited June 2003 from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture URL below, which also contains images.

  The "House of VALERETZIDAINA", at a short distance from the village square, more or less next to the back of the rock of the Panagia, has retained almost entirely its original form.This is a building of the turn of eighteenth-nineteenth century. It belongs to the secular architecture of Lesvos of the period of late Ottoman rule and combines local and Oriental features with neo-Classicism, Byzantine architecture and baroque. It has a number of similarities to the mansion of Georgios Schwarz at Ambelakia in Thessaly, which was built in the late eighteenth century. The traditional settlement of Petra takes on its own individual local colour from the well-preserved neo-Classical mansions of the early twentieth century, with their spacious well-planted court-yards, the carefully crafted railings and the elaborated wrought-iron doors with variety of knockers.

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the Municipality of Petra URL below, which contains images.

Traditional settlements


  From the abandoned mountain village of Klapados, which is in the southern boundaries of the Municipality of Petra and was the site of the last victorious battles of the Greek troops against the Turks in December 1912 for the liberation of Lesvos, an enchanting ecological route starts out to Aghios Alexandros, through a publicly-owned pine wood of great beauty. On this route, it is possible from a high vantage point to appreciate the full grandeur of Anaxos, Petra, Mithymna, and Eftalou.
  Bush walking is an exciting experience beginning after Kaloni where the pine trees start to appear, many signs to gate you through, kiosks and rest locations are available. The view is panoramic, through the pine trees you can observe all the northwest beaches and villages, on south the gulf of Kaloni, on east the olive groves of the villages Stypsi and Agia Paraskevi.

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the Municipality of Petra URL below, which contains images.

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