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Euphronius (c. 515 BC-)

  The most noted of the group of great vase painters, who lived in Athens in the time of the Persian wars, and worked upon red-figured vases. As all the great paintings of Greece have disappeared, we are obliged to trust to the designs on vases for our knowledge of Greek drawing and composition.
  Euphronius is stiff and archaic in style, but his subjects are varied, his groupings original and striking, and his mastery of the line decided. In their way, the vases which he painted will hold their own in comparison with those of any nation; for simplicity, truthfulness and charm they can scarcely be matched.

This extract is cited July 2003 from the Malaspina Great Books URL below, which contains image.

Xenophantus (Xenophantos). Of Athens, a maker of fictile vases, known by the inscription XENOPHANTOS EPOIESEN ATHEN, round the neck of a police, found in a tomb at Kertch, the ancient Panticapaeum, in the Crimea, and now in the Museum at St. Petersburg. The whole style of this vase is remarkable. The figures upon it are partly painted red on a black ground, and partly modelled in relief in the yellowish clay of which the vessel is made, and decorated with colours and gilding; a style characteristic of the Athenian school.

Group E Workshop of Exekias

Potter, Vase-Painter - Active: 560 BC - 540 BC

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