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Ancient olympic champions, boxing

LEPREON (Ancient city) ILIA


Son of Euphron, a Leprean, Olympic victor.

Ancient olympic champions, boys' boxing


Son of Theantus, a Leprean, Olympic victor.


Boys' boxing, 420 BC, 90th Olympiad.

Ancient olympic champions, boys' stadium


Son of Calliteles, a Leprean, Olympic victor.

Ancient olympic champions, event unknown


460 B.C, 80th Olympiad.

Ancient olympic champions, pancratium

FIGALIA (Ancient city) ILIA


Arrhachion, of Phigalea in Arcadia, a celebrated Pancratiast, conquered in the Olympic games in the 52nd, 53rd and 54th Olympiads. In the last Olympiad he was unfairly killed by his antagonist, and was therefore crowned and proclaimed as conqueror, although dead. (Paus. viii. 40.2). Philostratus calls him Arrichion, and Africanus (ap. Euseb. Chron.) Arichion.

LEPREON (Ancient city) ILIA


A Leprean, Olympic victor.

Antiochus (Antiochos), an Arcadian, was the envoy sent by his state to the Persian court in B. C. 367, when embassies went to Susa from most of the Grecian states. The Arcadians, probably through the influence of Pelopidas, the Theban ambassador, were treated as of less importance than the Eleans--an affront which Antiochus resented by refusing the presents of the king. (Xen. Hell. vii. 1. § 33, &c.) Xenophon says, that Antiochus had conquered in the pancratium; and Pausanias informs us (vi. 3. § 4), that Antiochus, the pancratiast, was a native of Lepreum, and that he conquered in this contest once in the Olympic games, twice in the Nemean, and twice in the Isthmian. His statue was made by Nicodamus. Lepreum was claimed by the Arcadians as one of their towns, whence Xenophon calls Antiochus an Arcadian; but it is more usually reckoned as belonging to Elis.

Ancient olympic champions, wrestling

FIGALIA (Ancient city) ILIA


Son of Damaretus, a Phigalian, Olympic victor.

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