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Olympic games (4)

Ancient olympic champions, stadium


Three times olympic victor in 49, 53 and 61 BC, at the 207th, 208th and 210th Olympiad accordingly.

Ancient olympic victors


The territory of Aegium is crossed by a river Phoenix, and by another called Meiganitas, both of which flow into the sea. A portico near the city was made for Straton, an athlete who won at Olympia on the same day victories in the pancratium and in wrestling. (Paus. 7.23.5)

Ancient olympic champions, stadium

Ladas (280 BC, 125th Olympiad)

Ladas. A native of Aegium in Achaea, who gained a victory in the foot race at Olympia, in the 125th Olympiad, . c. 280. (Paus. iii. 21.1, x. 23,14)

Ancient olympic champions, pancratium

Xenophon of Aegium

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