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The Chians, then, surrendered Pactyes, and afterwards Mazares led his army against those who had helped to besiege Tabalus, and he enslaved the people of Priene, and overran the plain of the Maeandrus, giving it to his army to pillage and Magnesia likewise.

Perseus Encyclopedia

Magnesia ad Maeandrum (Magnesia)

A town in Asia near the Maeander, taken by Medes, Polycrates put to death there by Oroetes, Magnesian tribute to Persia, on the Hermus, on the Lethaeus, beside Mount Sipylus, governed by Themistocles, bones of Themistocles brought from M. to Athens, Magnesians worship Leucophryenian Artemis, Magnesians help Bathycles to make throne of Apollo, Magnesian gate of Ephesus.


Magnesia on the Maeander

The first city one comes to after Ephesus is Magnesia, which is an Aeolian city and is called ‘Magnesia on the Maeander,’ for it is situated near that river. But it is much nearer the Lethaeus River, which empties into the Maeander and has its beginning in Mt. Pactyes, the mountain in the territory of the Ephesians.. And the city lies in the plain near the mountain called Thorax, on which Daphitas the grammarian is said to have been crucified, because he reviled the kings in a distich: ‘Purpled with stripes, mere filings of the treasure of Lysimachus, ye rule the Lydians and Phrygia.’ It is said that an oracle was given out that Daphitas should be on his guard against Thorax.

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