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ASSISOS (Ancient city) IONIA


A town with a local cult of Athene, in the lands of Miletus.

IONIA (Ancient country) TURKEY


Borders on Aeolis, its fine climate, its unmatched sanctuaries, its dates, its games, its market-places, waters with noxious vapours inland from, expedition of sons of Codrus to, expedition of Athenians to, conquered by Medes.


This Asia comprises the first nations on the east, the Paphlagonians and Phrygians and Lycaonians, and then the Bithynians and Mysians and the Epictetus, and, besides these, the Troad and Hellespontia, and after these, on the sea, the Aeolians and Ionians, who are Greeks, and, among the rest, the Carians and Lycians, and, in the interior, the Lydians.


SIDOUSSA (Ancient city) IONIA


Meanwhile Leon and Diomedon with the Athenian fleet from Lesbos issuing from the OeLacedaenussae, the isles off Chios, and from their forts of Sidussa and Pteleum in the Erythraeid, and from Lesbos, carried on the war against the Chians from the ships, having on board heavy infantry from the rolls pressed to serve as marines.

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