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City of Boeotia, its lands occupied by Cadmus, followers, borders on Oropus, near the river Thermodon, people of Tanagra join Megarians in colonising Heraclea on the Euxine, they regulate worship of gods better than any other people, Mardonius there, Athenians and Argives defeated by Lacedaemonians at, cocks of Tanagra, two breeds.



The people of Tanagra say that their founder was Poemander, the son of Chaeresilaus, the son of Iasius, the son of Eleuther, who, they say, was the son of Apollo by Aethusa, the daughter of Poseidon. It is said that Poemander married Tanagra, a daughter of Aeolus. But in a poem of Corinna she is said to be a daughter of Asopus. There is a story that, as she reached extreme old age, her neighbors ceased to call her by this name, and gave the name of Graea (old woman), first to the woman herself, and in course of time to the city. The name, they say, persisted so long that even Homer says in the Catalogue. Later, however, it recovered its old name.Later, however, it recovered its old name.

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