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Sardonian linen

KOLCHIS (Ancient country) GEORGIA
Listen to something else about the Colchians, in which they are like the Egyptians: they and the Egyptians alone work linen and have the same way of working it, a way peculiar to themselves; and they are alike in all their way of life, and in their speech. Linen has two names: the Colchian kind is called by the Greeks Sardonian that which comes from Egypt is called Egyptian.

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AIA (Ancient city) KOLCHIS
In Colchis.


FASSIS (Ancient city) KOLCHIS


KOLCHIS (Ancient country) GEORGIA
On the Euxine, its situation, Egyptian origin of Colchians, Aeetes departs to, the Golden Fleece in, Herakles sails to, voyage of Jason in the Argo to, return of Castor and Pollux from, return of Phrixus from, the children of Phrixus in, river Phasis in, sanctuary of Athena Asia in, tribute to Persia, in Xerxes' army.

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AIA (Ancient city) KOLCHIS
Aeaea (Aiaia). A surname of Medeia, derived from Aea, the country where her father Aeetes ruled. (Apollon. Rhod. iii. 1135.)


Albanians, Albania

ALBANIA (Ancient country) GEORGIA

Phasis & Lycus rivers

FASSIS (Ancient city) KOLCHIS
There are several rivers in the country, but the best known are the Phasis and the Lycus, which empty into the Pontic Sea (Eratosthenes wrongly writes "Thermodon" instead of "Lycus"), whereas the Cyrus and the Araxes empty into the Caspian Sea, and the Euphrates and the Tigris into the Red Sea.There are also large lakes in Armenia; one the Mantiane, which being translated means "Blue"; it is the largest salt water lake after Lake Maeotis, as they say, extending as far as Atropatia; and it also has salt-works.


IBERIA (Ancient country) GEORGIA
(11.2.18 - 11.3.6)


KOLCHIS (Ancient country) GEORGIA
(11.2.14 - 11.2.19)


There is also a small city in Iberia, the city of Phrixus, the present Ideessa, well fortified, on the confines of Colchis.

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