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Marisus (Marisos, Strab. vii. 304; Maris, Herod. iv. 49; Marisia, Jornand. de Reb. Get. 5; Geogr. Rav.), a river of Dacia, which both Herodotus and Strabo describe as falling into the Danube; it is the same as the Marosch, which falls into the Theiss. (Heeren, Asiat. Nations, vol. ii. p. 10, trans.; Schafarik, Slav. Alt. vol. i. p. 507.)


Sariphi Montes (ta Saripha ore), a chain of mountains, extending, according to Ptolemy, between Margiana and Ariana, and the watershed of several small streams. They are probably those now called the Hazaras. Manner (v. 2. p. 65), has supposed them the same as the Sappheiroi, but this is contrary to all probability.

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