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PAPHOS (Ancient city) CYPRUS


Numenium (Noumenion, Stadiasm. 298), a small island with a spring of fresh water, 55 stadia from Paphos; perhaps the same as that described by Pliny ( contra Neampaphum Hierocepia, v. 35). Strabo (xiv. pp. 683, 684) has an inland town Hierocepia.



Treta (Treta, Strab. xiv. p. 683), in Cyprus, called Tritoi in the Stadiasmus Maris Magni (p. 285, ed. Hoffmann), where it is placed 50 stadia from Palaepaphus or Old Paphus, was apparently a promontory in the SW. of the island, and probably the same as the one called Phrourion by Ptolemy (v. 14. ยง 2).

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